Calling All Students Who Want To Appear On MTV

Educational charity called Edge are giving students the chance of appearing on MTV. The aim of the charity is to encourage more vocational training and to raise awareness of the options open to students once they pass their GCSE’s and A-Levels.

Edge are calling on students to voice what they’d like changed in school and the subjects they’d like to learn and upload their videos to YouTube. Videos will then be chosen to appear on the hit TV channel.

What should you discuss in your video?

1. If you could’ve chosen a subject that would have helped you fulfil your talent – it can be anything, not just a ‘normal’ school subject – what would that subject have been and why? E.g.; Film / photography / criminology
2. If you could send a message to politicians asking them to change the education system in any way, what would it be?
3. Young people seeing this are facing some big, life-changing decisions, Edge’s mission is to encourage them to realise there are many paths to success in life.  What does ‘many paths to success’ mean to you, personally?
4. Do you have a message for other young people about ‘many paths to success’?

Once you’ve uploaded your video, tell your mates about it and make sure they watch it, as the video with the most views wins. It’s that simple! The winning videos will then be screened daily for everyone to see on MTV from Monday 7th September, so get filming!

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