Carvelli has come a long way since ambling at his pa’s heels under the poker table at The Club, yet he credits his backroom exposure with sculpting the artist he would become. "What an environment," he says. "There’s no way a kid should be in there, the smoke, the cards, the money. But there I was. It was four, five nights a week… I guess it’s because of that that I always had the feeling it was cool to be where people said you shouldn’t go."

They spoke Italian, and conversation drifted to the Old Country; the radio played songs like La Partenza and C’avanti ce nu hiavura d’ammuscatu". It was a combination of themes that would stay with Carvelli and infuse his music: cultural ideals, like loyalty and respect for family hierarchy, splayed against the distinctively urban motifs of fast cash and gun-blazing violence.

CarvelliRapper Carvelli has teamed up with Frankie Delicio to produce "Hooah", an infectious mid-tempo juggernaut, warning not to mess with made men. The song is a release from Carvelli’s E.P, Hooah, a techno-funk tour de force exploring the contradictions of transplanted cultures. Eighteenth century Sicily arrives in twenty-first century New York and asserts itself with sheer force, folding into the hypnotizing swell of 120 decibel drum beats and the percussion of machine gun fire. It’s what you get when you underestimate the new kid in town.

"Hooah" is currently available for download free of charge at This is both promotional and pragmatic: with current internet-based file sharing technologies it doesn’t make sense, in Carvelli’s view, to try and restrict digital access to music. Ever the entrepreneur, though, Carvelli is exploring – and capitalizing on – alternative technologies, such as online video delivery, fashion design, and film and television scoring, which more than make up for song distribution revenues.

Pinky rings and Armani that’s my street team, Chrome rims on my caddy living street dreams, Waaps in trench coats that’s my street team, Hooah Hooah what you scared of not a damn thing! – Carvelli, " Hooah Hooah", and Mob Wear are ventures of Carvelli, widely regarded as North America’s only ‘mob-rapper’, whose music features mob themes often coupled with Italian folk melodies and instrumentation.

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