Harlem is the place of fly and flashy, and Cashflow aka The Prince Of Harlem, a 17 year old rapper embodies that all day. He carries himself with a Harlem swagger and delivers some fresh flows. It is true because as he says he is bringing back some of the hot flows that made rappers in the 80’s & early 90’s so dope. Press have been calling this kid "Young fly , flashy & Fresh".

You can check him out on the new DJ Web Star album entitled "Caught In The Web". Cashflow has four mean songs on the album, the first song which is called Gettin Money Over Here and the second single on the album, which features the hit song Chicken Noodle Soup. Cashflow is reported as saying that, ‘The Album is hot’. The DJ Webstar album is out on Scrilla Hill /Universal.

We heard the What You Saying remix in which Cashflow effortlessly drops into that smooth and funky Usher vibe. Also, an upcoming issue of Don Diva Magazine will feature an exclusive CashFlow CD insert. It is reported that CashFlow’s official website received more than 4 million viewers in its first month! Additionally, the self procliamed Prince of Harlem’s Myspace page has reportedly received over 170,500 plays in a three month span. Apparently CashFlow has a Candy bar in Development with Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolates in the United Kingdom, so look out for that!


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