Crimeline - Stacks On Deck

Crimeline has been together for the past 5 years putting a extensive song catalog together. The group also operate one of the most respected indie recording labels in the southeast region "Nex-N-Line Records". The group hails from the Newport News (Bad News) / Hampton (HPT) area of Virginia.
Group members Grandson and Uncle J. are both staff producers and own and operate "Buck Music Prod". Big Tex is the member of the group often called the glue. Ms. R.A.W. is the only female in Crimeline,but holds here own well.

In a time when mostly all of the music on urban radio sounds the same, Crimeline is still able to bring a fresh sound that moves and motivates the hood and the suburbs. The Virginia music scene is likely to be the next big movement in hip-hop, and Crimeline has a sound that most feel is the true Va sound.

With that said Crimeline is looking for support their NEW single "Stacks On Deck".

Crimeline - Stacks On Deck

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