Cut La Roc Breaks World Record at PLASA 2006

An official world record was added to the Guinness Book of Records on Sunday 10th September for simultaneously mixing on 20 decks and 10 mixers!!  Cut La Roc and Ecler had been planning the event for months and after a few technical difficulties during set up the stage was set for history in the making!  Cut La Roc remained calm throughout, well, at least on the outside, here’s a run down of the days events:

"Arrrrgh!! That was my initial thought after waking up from the night before (We Like To Party @ Timbuk 2 Bristol). Great night in Bristol, had to be a good boy though as the record attempt was the next day!  Bit of a vodka headache and the prospect of having to mix 20 CDJ’s simultaneously was beginning to feel somewhat daunting!

Got stuck in Traffic coming into London on the A4. Nice!! Arrived safe and sound though, eventually found the stand where Ecler had set up the show, rocked up, saw 20 CDJ’s and 10 Limited edition Cut La Roc HAK 380 "Nemesis" mixers and it finally hit home!!

What the hell am I doing! After Dean from Ecler finished setting them all up it was time to begin! The nerves seemed to drop at this point which was a relief, just kept my head down, full concentration, block out the 150 people waiting to watch me and just get on with it.

Thankfully my experience of live shows probably helped me to stay focused and I went on to mix all 20 CDJ’s in perfect time. The crowd was great, nice round of applause when I finally mixed the last CD in… Phew it was over!!"

Cut La Roc Breaks World Record at PLASA 2006

Keep an eye out for the video footage and photos from the event at:

The 10 HAK380 ‘Nemesis’ edition mixers that were used for the event are now available for you to buy!  Each mixer is numbered and also comes with the original plate.  Available NOW from:

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