David Cameron's Music For Good Proposal

Last summer the prime ministerial hopeful David Cameron singled out BBC Radio 1’s hip-hop show presented by Tim Westwood, accusing the content of encouraging knife and gun crime.  He highlights the role of responsibility in his recent missive, "Artists, radio stations and the music industry have a responsibility and a great opportunity to act as positive role models for young people".

He continues, "Artists can certainly influence young people much more than politicians can. We should celebrate and promote the positive things that the music industry does – like the rhyme4respect project which encourages more positive lyrics in music. Equally, we should not be afraid to criticise things that are negative".

For the full text, which includes his "Music for Good" proposal, please see link below.

The current Conservative Party leader David Cameron is set to contribute a message to the Black Music Congress‘ (BMC) ‘To What Extent Does Music Influence Behaviour‘ debate, which takes Saturday January 13, 3-6pm at City University London.

The debate is free. It can be booked via:

The debate panel include Fran Nevrkla (Chairman & CEO, PPL and VPL), Onyeka (Narrative Eye), Paradise (TGSMP), and is chaired by BMC founder Kwaku.

City University is at Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB

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