DJ Hell Presents Misch Masch

The third instalment from the hugely popular ‘Misch Masch’ series has landed! The now legendary series started with the pioneering family duo Tiefschwarz who brought over a decade of DJ experience, a string of remixes and there own projects to create a wicked mix album.

The second ‘Micsh Masch’ saw the ever eclectic Freeform Five take over, compiling an album that saw the group sit Elton John next to NERD’s ‘Lapdance’, putting their own unique touch on many of the tracks. Now DJ Hell raises the bar with ‘Misch Masch Volume III’.

DJ Hell Presents Misch MaschSuperstar DJ, trendsetter, international gigolo – there are never too many adjectives to describe the effect Hell has on dancefloors. Hell’s reputation as a pioneering DJ, entrepreneur, international label boss, trendsetter and, somewhat strangely, onetime FC Bayern sponsor, only adds to his mystique as a powerful force in the music world.
Hell has also done a significant amount of remix work for a wide variety of artists across several genres, from P Diddy (who even made a recent cameo appearance in one of Hell’s videos!) to Gary Numan. These are just some of the tracks that appear Misch Masch III.

Also making an appearance on the compilation is the massive Justice Vs SimianNever Be Alone’ which was originally released by DJ Hell, and Hell’s remixes of tracks from such luminaries as Laurent Garnier, Trost and Christopher Just complete a fabulous mix CD. Check out CD 2 for Hell’s own eclectic mix featuring tracks from the likes of The Alchemist, Lil’ Louis and Dave Angel.

DJ Hell is still at heart a DJ, touring and gigging throughout the world, from New York to Tokyo and it is his passion and eclectic taste and influences that can do nothing but inspire.

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