DJ Shadow Set To Perform At Indigo2

The trailblazing master turntablist DJ Shadow is set to perform his final solo show of the year at London’s most exciting new music venue, indigO2 on 19th July.

The Californian master of the decks will draw on his genre-bending works of art, merging elements of funk, hip-hop, rock, jazz, soul and ambience.  Shadow has been beguiling audiences for over 10 years with his lush, atmospheric sample-based beats and is cited as the creator of trip-hop.

Bursting on to the music scene in 1996, DJ Shadow released his debut album ‘Entroducing’, made entirely from samples, to immense critical acclaim. His follow up album ‘Private Press’ saw him dig deeper than any other DJ for samples from old soul, jazz and R&B records, fusing them with a unique style and making them his own.

Throughout his illustrious career DJ Shadow has worked with the likes of Thom Yorke, Cut Chemist and Zac de la Rocha. In 2006 he released ‘The Outsider’, which took Shadow in yet another musical direction exploring a more hip-hop based vibe – including guest rappers Q –Tip and Lateef.

Don’t miss the man that single handedly defined a new genre of music when he performs at superb new venue indigO2.

London Date:
Thursday 19th July, indigO2, London.

Tickets are on sale now  – please visit for further information.

DJ Shadow Set To Perform At Indigo2

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