Turntable Trixters

Have you got your Turntable Trixters DVD Yet? DJ Supreme‘s semi-biography film of the history of HIJACK the legendary UK hip hop group that changed the style of music in Europe as well as scratching on a world level. The high esteem DJ Supreme and Hijack are held in is unestimable and the influence they had is widespread,
Among the worldwide hip hop and turntablist community, DJ Supreme is a bonafied legend. As the DJ and producer for Hijack, he is responsible for inspiring an entire generation of scratch DJs from the U.K. to the U.S. West coast. He is also widely acknowledged as the creator of the hard hitting ‘Britcore’ sound, that catapulted him and his crew to the forefront of European hip hop and on to Ice T‘s Rhyme Syndicate Records (a feat yet to be repeated by any U.K. hip hop group). Following a renewed interest in his achievements, Supreme presents this semi-biographical documentary on the history of his group, originally named The Turntable Trixters, with the help of his renowned guests.

Turntable TrixtersHere are some comments already received about the film at www.djsupreme.com:

"Congratulations to DJ Supreme, the producer and everyone who contributed to the making of "Turntable Trixters" – it is destined to become a hip hop classic! A story well told, from beginning to end, about my favourite crew of all time. Awesome!"

"the dvd is great!! a classic!!"

"No Doubt its A MUST 4 every Hijack fan. I Was 11Years old (1990)the time My Brother Sold ME (Yes sold me) the Hijack on Tape. Supreme YOU ARE GREAT for bringin us this DVD."

"Enjoyed the DVD!!! Loved the stories, very interesting"

If you haven’t already got your copy of this limited DVD, go to www.djsupreme.com and order your piece of history now. Online orders of DVD are personally signed by DJ SUPREME and include special collectable turntable trixters stickers.

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