Elemental and Frisbee - New LP

Elemental and Mr Frisbee‘s last LP was well received and they’re hoping you might like the new one, Its released on 8/06/21 just in time for fathers day, Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kidergarten Cop, when it comes to Hip Hop, you want to know you are in safe hands. You want beats that bang and make you want to get out your best dad dance on the floor. You want lyrics that fire you up, make you smile and give you pause for thought. And if you want the best of both worlds, there’s only two Dads to call: Mister Frisbee and Elemental.

Teaming up the rapper who wracks up millions of hits with ridiculous songs about tea and trousers, with the producer who brings the best breaks to the party is always going to be something worth listening to. Their last collaboration, ‘Let’s Get Messy‘ was universally praised for its sunshine powered anthems.

Never resting on their laurels, the two are back with an album that’s bigger, brighter and more fun than ever before. In Good Dad Club, the Professor takes off his pith for a while to celebrate the ups and downs of life; whether that’s a rare grown folks night out, acknowledging what it means to be a Dad these days or parodying how easily it could all go wrong.

All this is accompanied by the biggest breaks, most delicious samples and stunning live accompaniment that music has to offer. Featuring guest spots from some of the biggest names in underground Hip Hop: Dr Syntax, Dillon, Blaise, Longusto and Nick Maxwell. There really is nothing else out there like Good Dad Club.

Elemental and Mr Frisbee - The Good Dad Club

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