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The East End's finest screen print gallery Nelly Duff is working with the world renowned street artist EINE and a collective of mad artisan printers in a feat of technical printing brilliance (or craziness!) never before seen. The record attempt starts on March 18th screen-printing EINE's internationally recognised Full Colour Shutter Font artwork with the most individual spot colours ever editioned entirely by hand.

Each of the hand pulled artworks from the edition of 150 will take up to six weeks to complete because of the complexity of the process.

A Record Attempt show illustrating the process will be held on May 7th 2009 at 6.30pm, at a address in central London, please see for details. Half of the edition will be available to purchase on the night of the show. The remaining half of the Print Edtion will be made available by Pre-sale at on Wednesday 22nd April.

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