Facebook Wants To Attract MCs With Bars

Facebook has a new platform to battle TikTok. What ByteDance has done with short videos with challenges, dances, the Duos format, Lip Sync is what Facebook plans to copy.

Bars is Facebooks new app and it is aimed squarely at rappers and lovers of rap music in general.

Bars, like TikTok, offers a fairly similar interface through which users can record themselves in portrait format with a duration of 60 seconds. But in addition Bars will include tools that are designed to aid composition of the raps.

In Bars you’ll find a collection of rhythms, vocal effects and even audio filters so that the final composition has the most attractive finish possible. All designed for a smartphone to challenge other professional tools.

Facebook Wants To Attract MCs With Bars

Facebook is also copying the TikTok challenges, so in BARS there will also be a kind of challenge, the concept of Rap battles.

MCs will also be able to tell the application if they are an experienced rapper with some fluency in rhyming or a newbie wanting to become Eminen. The platform will offer wxtra help to those with fewer skills.

I guess Facebook is building this into a separate app to prevent being tarnished by the Facebook or Instagram names and privacy concerns. Not sure users will be fooled though. First in on the testing are users in the US and its iOS only so far. Surprising given the current face-off Apple and Facebook are currently having.

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