Fame TV

What do you get if you cross You Tube with TV = Fame TV the UK’s first TV channel to broadcast 100% user created vidoe clips and original music tracks. UK based media company Fame TV Ltd (http://www.fametv.com) is launching the UK’s first user generated TV channel on 6 November, 2006. The channel will be fully interactive and rely entirely on members of the public for its programming content.

On Fame TV, viewers will be able to create their own moments of fame by uploading video clips, pictures and texts via mobile phones and the internet. Broadcasting will take place all year round, 24/7, and be available to Sky customers in the UK and Ireland.

Fame TV aims to broadcast all video submissions live on air within 15 minutes of the user submitting the content. Viewers are invited to send in their own original music tracks which will play as the backing soundtrack to clips during broadcast.

The public will have full control over what they see on screen and can vote via SMS for the clips they want to view. If a piece they don’t like is playing, they can vote it off screen in a matter of seconds and choose the next clip to air.

Each viewer may have their own signature tag that appears on screen every time they interact by SMS or MMS, allowing them to build their own interactive broadcast community and communicate with others while watching.

John Hayes, head of development, says: "We are moving into a new era of television where user generated content and viewer interaction are key to the programming. The mobile phone will become the new remote control and we’re expecting to generate a vast library of diverse content, courtesy of the British public.”

The concept is similar in principal to that of the currently en vogue MySpace, and You Tube websites and will provide viewers with a platform for communicating with friends and promoting themselves. Aspiring actors, models and unsigned bands will be able to showcase their talents and launch their careers on national TV in an instant.

Users are advised to visit the website (http://www.fametv.com) for more information about the channel and to upload videos prior to launch.

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