Feature Alongside Fashawn On Sepalot's Change Single

Change featuring Fashawn is one of the stand-out tracks from German producer Sepalot’s forthcoming Chasing Clouds album. The original album version features a single verse from rising US MC Fashawn, but for the single version Sepalot is asking people around he world to contribute the best they have to offer and add the much thought about second verse.

MC's and singers from the US, the UK, Germany and beyond are invited to add their special something to this brilliant track. Obviously everyone is welcome, wherever they are from, with the best versions being packaged, promoted and released as part of an exclusive package.

A bit about Fashawn

Fashawn can without doubt be considered one of the rising stars of the new American hip hop generation. As one of last year’s freshmen in XXL magazine's yearly line up of ones to watch, he rated high amongst the new hopefuls and releases like the Higher Learning Vol. 2 mixtape, along with his debut album Boy Meets World, have helped cemented this status far beyond the borders of the US.

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Sepalot - Chasing Clouds

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