With turntables, an upright bass and bold live animations of crazy mutants in tow, Fingathing are a mass fusion of technical effects and live instruments creating an explosion of far-flung funk and crunching avant hip-hop. The grooves grip tighter than a black hole, the drums smack the cheeks like an asteroid rain-storm, and the bass rumbles and hums like an imploding star.

And the sheer wizardry of Fingathing’s music is about to continue surprising and amazing once again as they hit the road on another Autumn/Winter mini tour. Coinciding with the new single ‘Apache‘ (to be released on October 9th), the timing couldn’t be better. A track originally by The Shadows, but with dirty basslines, turntabalist trickery, explosive beats and beefed-up electro funk, it’s time for it to be reworked the Fingathing way.

  • September 19th Sheffield University
  • September 21st Wolverhampton University
  • September 28th Liverpool Magnet “Cheap Thrills”
  • November 4th Manchester Warehouse Project
  • November 17th Glasgow The Arches
  • November 18th Aberdeen Lemon Tree
  • November 25th London Cargo

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