Fingathing - Man Made Monster

Fingathing are back with their fourth LP Undead. What's more, some tracks are being given away for free! After the self released Apocalypso EP the boys took time out to spread artistic wings and remind themselves why they were doing what they were doing in the first place.

All three moved on with other projects and came full circle when Parker visited Sneaky in his new hometown of Berlin. Six months later they had an album. Parker brought it back to Manchester, joining forces with engineering wizard and artist Sirconical to mixdown the latest Fingathing sound.

Fingathing want your email addresses to help re-build the foundations of the Fingathing federation and in exchange you get Man Made Monster for free. Head to That's only the beginning too. Check back regularly to download the next tune for free real soon.

Also they've created a new Official Fingathing Facebook page which will be the main hub for Fingathing activity from now on so please join (like), tell your friends and spread the word!

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