Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast

Firin’ Squad are back! If you have missed hearing them on the airways then now’s your chance to tune in and listen to the boys do what they do best –  playing and talking about the hottest tunes around … From this week the  Firin’ Squad Unsigned Podcast launches on the airwaves of cyberspace – and is available exclusively this week by clicking on the link below!

Download it for free to your i-pod and check out the tunes on your way home from work… Download it to your desktop and then listen to it in your lunch hour – its bound to get you bouncing!

The Firin’ Squad are known for their energy and lust for music and you get it all with their new podcast – nicknamed by the guys as “The Squadcast”. 

The boys will be backing new music from the UK urban music scene – with interviews from crews such as N-Dubz and a freestyle from Akala coming up in Podcast #2, the Firin’ Squad are doing what they do best and playing the tastiest and choicest cuts that are available.

Chris Vee says: “The whole reason we wanted to do this was to support an area that we feel completely lacks support in the mainstream market.”

Slim Sean added: “We’re out in clubland every week playing out to big crowds and they are used to the American sounds because that’s all they are exposed to through mainstream radio and TV.”

 “We want the UK stuff to get heard…” says Mister Grill, “we’re going to have to take this thing on tour at some point and hook up with the guys on the podcasts and get everyone out on the road!!”

Alongside this there will also be video as well as audio coming up down the line – with some behind the scenes gossip and footage from out on the road… Keep checking in to or to find out more details and also for details on a free i-tunes subscription after this exclusive period.

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