Already being called a definitive and groundbreaking collection of some of the UK’s strongest talent, and following the success of Vol. One HS Pro & Biggerman have embarked on this new project which is set to establish ‘Food 4 Da Brain’ as a solid platform for innovative hip hop.

Food 4 Da Brain – 2nd Serving’ will feature exclusive music from some of the biggest names in the UK music scene along with a fresh side order of some tasty up and coming artists to get your teeth stuck into.

The first single from the project was the huge double a-side picture disk featuring Terra FirmaGit Down’ / Virus SyndicateNeva Argue’. The album ingredients will be made up of exclusives from the likes of Skinny Man, MCD, Super Novar, M9ine aka 9 Either, Kashmere, Chain Of Command, Shameless, Zuz Rock, Deadly Hunta, First & Last and many many more!!!

Get ready to devour a large slice of UK hip hop history!!!

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