Foot Locker Exclusive launch: The Hanford sneaker from K-Swiss

Designed exclusively for Foot Locker, the K-Swiss Hanford brings Wimbledon’s winning style to Foot Locker’s spring collection. The K-Swiss Hanford launches exclusively in Foot Locker on the 5th of March.

Sneaker people understand that Foot Locker represents the ultimate range in street style and the K-Swiss Hanford is no exception. The Hanford takes inspiration from the 2006 launch of the K-Swiss Slybin silhouette, designed exclusively for sneaker people at Foot Locker. The Hanford is typical street fashion combined with the classic K-Swiss court heritage silhouette. It features five woven K-Swiss stripes on the quarter panel conveniently placed in the bottom front corner of the sneaker, still visible under a pair of jeans. The K-Swiss shield is placed towards the middle of the quarter panel on the side of the sneaker marking the sneaker in a convenient yet subtle way.

Introduced in Foot Locker on the 5th of March the Hanford will be available to sneaker people in two colour ways: White/Navy/Classic Blue and White/Celtic Green and costs £49.99.

The K-Swiss Hanford launch puts Foot Locker once again at the forefront of sneaker originality, bringing sneaker aficionados the latest and greatest from the biggest names on the planet. With more exclusives than ever before, sneaker lovers can always get their hands on the latest in street style at Foot Locker stores across the country. For more information, please visit

Foot Locker Exclusive launch: The Hanford sneaker from K-Swiss

The K-Swiss Hanford is available exclusively at Foot Locker and costs £49.99.

Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE: Z) is the world’s largest sports fashion retailer, operating close to 4,000 retail outlets around the globe which capture 25% of the worldwide market for athletic footwear. In Europe, Foot Locker operates 509 retail outlets in 16 countries and is home to a number of exclusive ranges and products.

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