Foreign Beggars And Dexplicit Back Campaign To Improve Perceptions Of Youth

Hip hop and grime act Foreign Beggars consisting of MCs Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis, human beatboxer, Shlomo, DagNabbit and DJ Nonames and DJ and producer Dexplicit who has just released his debut album, Digital Kinesis, which features Black The Ripper, Scatta, Samson, Nadia Rae, Ransom Impulse and many more are backing a campaign to improve the reputation of young people in the UK.

Called Respect?, the youth-led campaign is supported by charities YouthNet and the British Youth Council and is encouraging 16 to 24-year-olds to use the internet to speak up about media coverage that unfairly puts young people in a bad light. The Respect? Campaign was created in 2005 in response to research which showed that young people were increasingly concerned about their negative portrayal in both the media and politics.

James Miller of Foreign Beggars, said, "Traditional barriers of direct communication are crumbling. We exist in an age where, through the internet, it is possible to make your voice be heard no matter who or where you are. We’re supporting the Respect? campaign because we want young people to use these tools and their voices to let journalists, the media, politicians and others in positions of power know the truth".

Foreign Beggars

Dexplicit who is probably best known for the Lethal Bizzle track POW, which reached number eleven in the UK National Charts and won him a Mobo, and the Foreign Beggars are supporting the campaign’s aim to get 1,000 young people to add their names to the Respect? pledge at

The online pledge reads, “I pledge to make my voice heard and help young people’s views to get noticed. When I have an opinion on a news story, I will voice it in the media by commenting online, writing to editors of papers or magazines, or calling in to TV or radio programmes. It’s our news too”.

Young people who want to take action can find tips and advice on how to get their voices in the media by visiting

World light-welterweight boxing champion Amir Khan has also signed the pledge.

Foreign Beggars


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