Foreign Beggars
After the 2003 release of the highly respected ‘Asylum Speakers’ the Foreign Beggars crew have done it again. This time joining forces with Cargo and Ross Allen’s Casual Records, the Foreign Beggars crew have surpassed even their high standards.

Orifice Vulgatron, Dag Nabbit, Metropolis, Shlomo and DJ Nonames, the collective crew known as Foreign Beggars, crank up the bass and dish out the beats with a brand new single, ‘Let Go’, that looks set to do some proper dance floor damage. The first single from the forthcoming album featuring Wildchild of the Lootpak is a classic “What UK hip hop should be doing” track. From the neck breakin beat from Dag to the verses of Orifice, Metropolis and of course Wildchild, this track gets you feeling it in the soles of your feet.

Foreign Beggars were voted best group @ The Lyric Pad UK Hip Hop Awards 2005 and also won best single for their release ‘Hold On’ ft. SkinnyMan and DVS.With such quality on offer, it is hard to see why you’ll be listening to anything else. Don’t miss.


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