Frisson Gallery: Girls On Top Exhibition

The Frisson Gallery is holding yet another phenomenal exhibition. The work of the all female, international graffiti crew, Girls On Top, will grace the gallery from the 3rd February until 29th February 2008.

The show, taking the same name as the collective, is the first all female Graffiti show to be seen in the UK. The show aims to celebrate the feminine style in Graffiti, which is rapidly gaining popularity and respect. GOT’s style is funky and fresh and they are here to rule the dance!

Frisson Gallery: Girls On Top ExhibitionFounded in 2000, Girls on Top was brought back to life in July 2007 with new members – some being introduced by Thames and Hudson, publishers of ‘Graffiti Woman’, the “who’s who” of female street vandals – at a Graffiti jam held at Stockwell, one of the last remaining London “Halls of Fame” – Ken Livingstone does not like illegal art very much, except for street art guru Bankski (spelling intended!).

The crew is united through a shared passion for Graffiti but GOT members are also involved in fashion, illustration, community art, fine art, break-dancing, tattooing and photography. Members are based all over England and various parts of Europe.

‘Girls On Top’ exhibition at Frisson: February 3rd – 29th February 2008

The Frisson Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10:00 till 18:00 and Sunday 11:30 till 17:00. The Gallery is free for the public to view and accessible by wheelchair.

Frisson Gallery: Girls On Top Exhibition

Artist Info:

Akit is a Freelance Illustrator based in West London and has been drawing and painting all her life. Her Graffiti epiphany happened in 1990. Akit has since moved on to more legal artistic endeavours and has recently completed a degree in Illustration. Akit’s style, characteristically bright, sexy, classic and fresh, is eclectic, but predominantly features the female form. Egyptian Art and Matisse inspire her among others. Her commission work includes album covers and a nightclub. Her work is featured in the Thames and Hudson publication, ‘Graffiti Woman’.

London based Graffiti bomber Chock has been painting as much as possible since the late 90’s on all sorts of surfaces on which you are not supposed to. Her artwork is direct and high energy. Chock’s efforts have been published in various Graffiti magazines. Her work is featured in the Thames and Hudson publication, ‘Graffiti Woman’.

Art school graduate Clear has been painting for a number of years. Clear teaches Graffiti through community workshops all over the South-East of England. She is influenced heavily by sci-fi stories and outdoor raves. She uses spray paint for the effect of immediacy and its soft diffused edges, which lend her paintings a poppy yet contemplative quality reminiscent of Rothko. She has been involved in numerous group shows and is undertaking an artist in residency program at St. George’s church in Esher for 2008.

Evea grew up in Canterbury and is currently studying Fashion Marketing with hopes to be a Fashion Forecaster. She is a Graffiti artist working on canvas. As part of the GOT exhibition there will be a video installation by Evea, a documentary and archive of the Crew’s activities.

Hailing from Liverpool, Luna has been painting graffiti for 6 years, and specialises in illustration, graphic design, typography and community projects such as graffiti workshops and murals. Luna’s letter style can be dark flowing and organic or scratchy and fragile, and the characters she creates express the female form. Her inspiration comes from Art Nouveau, Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales and Tim Burton films. Her artwork style is the perfect vehicle for her mystical imagery.

Based in Grimsby Lincolnshire, Lyns likes to create ’something out of nothing’. Inspired by tattoos and old craft magazines, as much as graffiti pioneers Daim, Insa, Mode2, Cantwo and Shokone, Lyns creates work using many different techniques including embroidery and sculpture. Having done several gallery shows, Lyns’ portfolio of work includes characters made out of Fat Cap, spray-paint nozzles and being commissioned to paint a nightclub.

Mira from West London is currently finishing A-Levels in Art, Photography and Media. Her painting is predominantly done in oil and acrylic, capturing still life and portraits. Mira has also developed an interest in printmaking. Seeking inspiration from all around, she is keen on travel and trainers. Mira was named one of the Royal Academy’s ‘Emerging Artists in Study’ of 2007, and was part of their first online exhibition. Her style is dope and her aims are high!

Peach is an Illustration student in Southampton and loves messiness, working with ink and spray paint in her illustrations. Peach gains inspiration from her mates, photos and fashion magazines as well as anything and everything! She is a relative newcomer to the Graffiti game, but has ironically enough undertaken her first commission painting a Policeman’s spare bedroom.

Sabe’s style is strictly connected to iconography, composition and colours of old style tattoos. Her passion for Graffiti and Tattoos grew together in a place that differs greatly from England; Italy (Sabe’s birth place), a place where old and new are mixed together and where the ‘new’ struggles all the time to find its right to be. Like Italy Sabe carries with her a deep love and respect for the old masters, but usually she prefers the simple images of popular culture. Roses, hearts, skulls, daggers, crosses and fancy scripts find their place in Sabe’s paintings and in her wall productions.

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