Frisson Gallery: Supa Dupa Exhibition

The Frisson Gallery is excited to present a new exhibition by the very talented Supa Dupa… Originating from far and wide, Supa Dupa consists of six artists united by beer and good times. Initially it was solely about drawing / painting sessions late into the night when there were far more important things to be done. Now 2 years on, this crew have made a name for themselves (be it unintentionally) through their unique collaborative style.

All hailing from roots in Graffiti, it is clear to see the impact that this genre has had on the collective. Whilst some members still remain heavily involved in graffiti hand styles and letter formation, others have branched off in different directions. Inspiration from flash art, comic books, the sci-fi genre, and iconography can also be seen within their productions combined with the use of various mediums to create murals and conceptual pieces.

Two years on from the formation of London based crew Supa Dupa, the SD collective have come together once again for their very first group exhibition. Rarities features the collaborations of: Alfa, Herse, Fybe, Tobe, WordToMother and Mesek, all of whom up until now have spent much time apart pursuing their own individual goals. The work featured in this exhibition links not only the diverse range of styles within the crew, but also proves an insight into a unity can exist between the various avenues of graffiti and works that steer more towards that of fine art. ‘Rarities’ is a one off look into the current aesthetic of Supa Dupa.

‘Rarities’ an exhibition by Supa Dupa at Frisson: Saturday, 1st December, 7.00-9.00pm

The Frisson Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10:00 till 18:00 and Sunday 11:30 till 17:00. The Gallery is free for the public to view and accessible by wheelchair.

Supa Dupa

Artist Info:


Hailing from the shores of Hastings, WordToMother has made an impact both nationally and internationally since upping sticks and moving to the capital. Strong use of pattern and figurative composition, WTM’s style is as fluent on sketchbook pages as it is on the wall. His loose style and distinctive use of spraypaint caught the attention of the Stolen Space Gallery where he has achieved residency and a hugely successful solo show. His work can be seen as far away as America and Norway alongside the likes of D*face, Eine and Sickboy. Whilst making use of drift wood, crates, old signage, and a variety of other surfaces, it is only a matter of time before this comparatively young artist takes on more three dimensional challenges.


Never tempted to join the recent emigration to London by half of the team, Fybo remains in Surrey along with Herse, preferring the quieter life to the big smoke. Whilst a well versed music producer, Fybe excels in digital design occupying most of his time through the ‘Creative Jar’ studio in Reading. Much influence from mechanics and gothic lettering can be seen in this artist’s imagery. His orb-like entities are probably the most distinctive of his more repetitive designs, however his character based work together with frequent integration of lettering and landscape provides impressive detail to his ever growing body of work. Also maintaining links with Stolen Space gallery, Herse and Fybe have exhibited at group shows of the space as well as its music to accompany shows.


Probably one of the most modest characters of the bunch, Herse is consistently strong in his traditional graffiti. With more styles under his belt that you can think of, Herse constantly evolves his lettering and characters. With the ability to adapt, Herse is as comfortable working with any member of SD, from the sketchiness of WTM to the bold graphical nature of Alfa. Whilst maintaining a career as a freelance graphic designer, Herse is also an integral member of London’s monthly B-Boy event Throwdown, tirelessly providing hip-hop month after month. Initially working as a duo with Fybe, the pair can be seen up and down the country and internationally through their commissioned work.


With roots in ceramics, graffiti based characters are probably the most recognizable images to come from Alfa. Developing in leaps and bounds, his characters lead to letters and beyond. Bold design and a range of beastly influences make up much of Alfa’s work, more recently his work has been translated into tattoo flash and skate/snowboard graphics. First round champion of drawing battle ‘Secret Wars’, Alfa has received much media attention landing him interest by several independent magazines and publications. Often collaborating with fellow designer ‘the 5683’, Alfa thrives on character concept and theme. Whilst this aesthetic makes up the majority of his work, Alfa has also undertaken editorial work for his water colour paintings of towns and cities.


The weird and wonderful are probably the best words to describe this lesser seen artist. Combining grotesque imagery and character design, Mesek has a unique sense of humor when it comes to loose sketching. However this is merely one of many sides to this particular artist. Constantly developing his photo realism and three dimensional letter pieces, Mesek provides yet another approach to SD paintings. His imagery often takes on organic structure or mechanical obscurities concentrating on flow and shape more than legibility. Combining the use of innovative stencil work, acrylic and ink, Mesek will often be found scribbling late into the night with just a technical pencil and a vision only he could create.


With roots in both graffiti and comic book art, Tobe makes up the sixth member of Supa Dupa. His work covers a range of styles from abstract murals to more traditional styles, comic strips, and tattoo flash. Taking inspiration from his crew, Tobe thrives on collaboration; it is here he feels his best work can be seen. Tobe currently resides in East London Tutoring underprivileged kids and young offenders.

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