Funky DL's Kickstarter Campaign for Cut From The Illest Cloth

Funky DL is a long time stalwart of the UK Hip Hop scene. He has just reached out to his fans to let them know about his innovative Kickstarter campaign for his new album which is set to be entitled "Cut From The Illest Cloth". Knowing how Funky DL gets down this will of course be jazzy and fresh, fused with his own style of production and vocal delivery.

When asked about the project Funky DL stated, "I want to contiue to make the kind of music that you can always enjoy and add to your collection as quaity hip-hop music. So I'm asking people to come check out the campaign and where possible, make a pledge of whatever size you wish. Either way, I'd really like to thank you for previously purchasing / downloading my music and supporting my musical creativity".

As with Kickstarter projects, depending on the level of financial commitment you are prepared to make there is a scale of really cool rewards that you can get your hands on including:

  • A download of the 1st single from the new album.
  • A download of the new album + the instrumental version.
  • Downloads of some or ALL of Funky DL's previous catalogue.
  • An autographed CD copy of the new album.
  • Digital download, vinyl and CD bundles.
  • An opportunity for your voice to appear on one of the tracks on the album itself.
  • A remix by Funky DL for one of your tracks.
  • Funky DL producing tracks for your project.
  • An opportunity to meet and hang out with Funky DL.
  • A song about your life, written, produced and perfomed by Funky DL.

Check out the links below for much more info:

Kickstarter Campaign Link
A 2-part full 1hr interview where Funky DL discusses the campaign and much more about his career and life

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