G Thang - the Rebirth of Gangsta Music

The industry sampler is here. This is the Rebirth of Gangsta Music. This is our man G Thang who makes some quality music, music which he thinks you need to listen to. This is going out to everyone one, Fans, DJ’s,Managers, Producers. "Theres a lot of buzz around my music, a lot of people think I’m already signed but I’m not signed, I haven’t actually tried to get signed but I think I’m looking… so let’s start the bidding war" – G Thang aka C. James

No longer do people have to worry about artist with only three songs, G Thang states that his catalogue of hits numbers in the 100’s. He states that he is here to make quality music and put this G-shit back on the map.

You can listen to G Thang’s tracks on his my space page. Be sure to let him know what you think.
Listen On line: http://myspace.com/gthangmusic

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