Giggs - Walk In Da Park

Walk In Da Park, the highly anticipated debut album by UK phenomenon Giggs is now available. The album which reflects the streets and the life of Giggs, has an underground feel but caters to young and old, male and female alike. The monster release features the likes of Joe Grind, Boost, Young Spray, J.Melo, Killa KI., Shocks, Dubz, Chelsi Lauren, Kyze and SN1.

There is a whole story behind this release, which either points to great popularity, or an attempted marketing scoop for Giggs' press people. It is claimed that Giggs re-wrote all the rules in UK Hip-Hop when Walk Da Park sold out on its first day of release. The claim goes that fans we re left upset and some even angry when told that the album was no longer in stock after they had queued for hours outside HMV and other Independent music retail stores. At 9.30am in HMV, somewhat unbelieveably, there were reported fights between fans determined to get their hands on one of the last copies of the album. Following this Giggs' management released a statement to fans informing them that more copies of the album will now be made available.

After years of hard work with no love from radio and / or TV, Giggs and his team took things into their own hands and started handing out music at their own cost as most upcoming acts now do. The hard work finally paid off when Giggs made the track with no name, which begins, "If you re talking the hardest" which has quickly become an anthem for young people male and female alike.

This authentic freestyle quickly propelled him to the forefront of the underground scene and put him on everyone's lips. Now that the tables have turned, those who weren't so quick to lend a hand suddenly want a piece of the pie – but Giggs isn't having any of it. Quickly being acknowledged as one of the UK's true independent artist's Giggs is doing it alone.

This subject also crops up on the album Walk In Da Park. The album reflects the streets and the life of Giggs. This reflection resulted in him being removed from the bill for the disatarous Lil Wayne gig due to the intervention of the long arm of the law. This however did not stop Giggs being felt at the concert as car after car pumped out that freestyle following the show.

Giggs - Walk In Da Park

Track List:

01. Intro (B.B.T.)
02. Uummm!!
03. Open Up
04. Who Are You To Judge Featuring Joe Grind
05. More Maniacs Ft. Boost & Young Spray
06. Swagga Featuring Joe Grind
07. Cut Up Bag
08. Saw
09. Make It Look Good Featuring J.Melo
10. Click Clack Featuring Killa Ki & Shocks
11. Pitching All Da Time Featuring Dubz & Chelsi Lauren
12. Rat-A-Tat-Tat Featuring Kyze
13. Tempa Tempa
14. Bring A Message Back
15. You Raised Me
16. Walk In Da Park Featuring O.T.B
17. Let 'Im Ave It Featuring Boost
18. Test Out Da Nine (Remix) Featuring SN1

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