Graffiti Makeover For Albert Hall

Graffiti artists are to spray paint a history of the Royal Albert Hall onto its internal walls this summer. An underground floor of the London venue will be covered with murals of memorable moments and performers like The Killers and Frank Sinatra.

The loading bay area is usually off limits to audiences. The public can visit the works for one day only – on 22 June. After that, the murals will only be seen by performers using that entrance.

The Royal Albert Hall has been in use for 138 years for gigs, concerts, dance, sport and charity events.

The Load exhibition will document events from the hall's opening in 1871, taking in the first showcase of electric lighting, the suffragette movement, Winston Churchill reign and the career of boxer Mohammed Ali.

The roll call of performers depicted will include Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Killers and Pavarotti.

The work will all be done by up and coming artists from the UK graffiti scene.

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