I Am Malcolm X Tour

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”. The words of El Hajj El Malik El Shabazz, otherwise known as Malcolm X, one of the most inspirational human rights activists the world has seen. Hip hop heads followed in the footsteps of Malcolm X and Martin Luther in their beginnings – they believe in peace, equality and justice as an instigator for a revolution.

But what does Malcolm mean today? The world has changed drastically in the past six months. But what are we as hip hop heads going to do about it? And what do we need to take from the individuals who did their bit, and more?

Join Malcolm X’s daughter and some of the most influential artists and speakers in the world today for a nationwide, free of charge tour, exploring the beauty of the teachings of Malcolm X, their relevance today, and creating active, positive change in a society where apathy is all our children seem to grow up with.

“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against”
– El Hajj El Malik El Shabazz.

By: Nino

UK Tour

Radical. Rebel. Remarkable. Malcolm X lived fighting for an end to racism and died seeking justice for all. Join Malcolm X’s daughter and some of urban music’s most powerful voices as they spit conscious lyrics, incendiary spoken work and revolutionary poetry to celebrate and revive the legacy of our “shining black prince” – El Hajj Malik El Shabazz.

Brought to you by Radical Middle Way and Mecca2Medina / Crescent Moon Media.

Friday 27 February – Birmingham, The Drum
144 Potters Lane Aston Birmingham, B6 4UU (visit http://www.the-drum.org.uk for venue information)
Doors Open: 6:00 pm
Show Starts: 6:45

Contact: 0121 333 2400
(Between Barton Arms and The Elbow Room on the A34 Walsall Road opposite Newtown Shopping Centre)

Saturday 28 February – Bradford, The Playhouse
4 -12 Chapel Street, Little Germany, Bradford, BD1 5DL (visit http://www.bradfordplayhouse.co.uk for venue information)
Doors Open: 5.45 pm
Show Starts: 6.30 pm

Contact: 01274 820 666

Sunday 1 March – Hounslow, Horizons Centre – BOOKING CLOSED
210 Hanworth Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 3TU
View Map Here – http://tinyurl.com/apfgkm
Door Open: 1.00 pm
Show Starts: 1.30 pm


Brought to you in partnership with Mpower Youth Project (Hounslow)

Monday 2 March – Tower Hamlets, Brady Arts Centre – BOOKING CLOSED
192-196 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU (visit http://www.towerhamletsarts.org.uk for venue information)
Discussion: 5.00 pm
Show Starts: 6.30 pm

Admission is FREE!


Sr Malikah Shabazz (USA) – Environmental Campaigner and Daughter of Malcolm X

Shaykh Babikir Ahmed Babikir – Urban Islam’s Scholar-Sage

Kumasi (USA) – West Coast Hip Hop’s Rising Star

belikeMuhammad (USA) – Cultural Revolutionary and DJ Extraordinaire

Mecca2Medina – Britain’s Islamic Rap Pioneers

Poetic Pilgrimage – Acclaimed Spoken Word and Hip Hop Duo

Mohammed Yahya – Mozambican Hip Hop Activist

Masikah aka Feesabilallah – London’s Lyrical Maestro

Muslim Belal – Straight Talking Inner City Poet

Lil Mia – Conscious Lyricist with a Maghrebi Vibe


Malcolm X dedicated his life to change. This tour is about connecting young people to the great inheritance of Malcolm X, particularly his commitment to social justice, spiritual renewal and the possibility of radical change through meaningful, united social action. The Malcolm X we are celebrating is the one whose life turned at Hajj – the Malcolm X who embraced Islam and with it all of humanity. The Malcolm X who ended his life building bridges with others, while remaining firmly committed to radical change. The Malcolm X who died because he rejected the extremes of nationalism and separation in favour of unity and action. This event is way for all of us to affirm: “We are all Malcolm’s children! We are his legacy! We are the fruit of his work!”

As Malcolm X said: “True Islam has taught me that it takes all of the religious, political, economic, psychological and racial ingredients, or characteristics, to make the Human Family and the Human Society complete… Since I learned the truth in Mecca, my dearest friends have come to include all kinds – some Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, and even atheists! I have friends who are called capitalists, Socialists and Communists! Some of my friends are moderates, conservatives, extremists – some are even Uncle Toms! My friends today are black, brown, yellow, and white… If I can die having brought any light, having exposed any meaningful truth that will help destroy the racist cancer that is malignant in the body of America – then, all the credit is due to Allah. Only the mistakes have been mine”.

See the official trailer here:

I Am Malcolm X Tour

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