International Hip-Hop Blog To Launch

The Audible Treats team has rolled up its collective sleeves once again to reveal, a blog showcasing music, videos, and happenings from all corners of the global hip-hop community. will set off on an expedition through the six habitable continents, touching down frequently to survey the hip-hop music and culture of nations like France, Brazil, Senegal and India.

Flight 808 emerged out of an appreciation of the breadth of diversity and talent amongst foreign hip-hop artists juxtaposed against a relatively miniscule section of U.S. limelight. Even on the Internet, it’s difficult to gain a cohesive understanding of international hip-hop; 808 aims to remedy this, employing centralization as its accomplice.

"The mission is simple", says Editor Gavin Rhodes. "We want to provide a global perspective on a profoundly American genre". For years now, people from all regions of the globe have been taking hip-hop and flipping it with their native tongue and aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of the genre in many new directions. Until now, there has not been a central location solely dedicated to showcasing international hip-hop artists to American audiences. will fill this void, playing host to all things related to international hip-hop.

Flight 808 will focus on a different nation or theme every week, posting 2-3 short editorials alongside downloadable music and links to videos on the web. Foreign hip-hop fans and artists are encouraged to get involved and submit content or even write on behalf of their respective homelands. A truly international effort, has landed.

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