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Jody Solo Exhibition
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Wednesday, 22 July 2009
Jody Solo ExhibitionBristol native Jody began painting at the now infamous Barton Hill Youth Club under the wing of the legendary John Nation in the late 1980’s. After a long break from the graffiti scene he has resurfaced following the success of Felix Braun’s Children of the Can book launched last year.

Returning to the Bristol scene refreshed and reinvented, Jody’s first solo show draws inspiration from the barrage of slick and cynical imagery portrayed through fashion and advertising. No picture can be truly trusted - we are subjected daily to hyper retouched, overly sexualised and false imagery, making us feel aspirational, but at the same time, insecure about own selves. Jody digs just below the polished surface of magazine spreads, movie posters and advertising to uncover a sinister world of false idols and hopes.

Blank and hollow eyes stare back where once perfectly made up faces once did – imagery that was meant to be flawless is subverted, changing the intended meaning into something darker, disturbing and more powerful.

The show opens at the Weapon of Choice Gallery on the 14th August and runs until 13th Sept 2009.

14 St Michael's Hill,
Bristol, BS2 8DT.

Gallery opening times:
Tues/Wed 11 - 6pm
Thursday 11 - 7pm
Fri-Sat 11 - 6pm
Sunday 12 - 4.00pm

Jody Solo Exhibition

Jody Solo Exhibition - B & W Docks

Jody Solo Exhibition - Dean Lane

Jody Solo Exhibition - Lips

Jody Solo Exhibition - St. George

Jody Solo Exhibition

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