Juga-Naut And Jazz T - Marble And Granite

Juga-Naut, a multi-talented artist, emcee, producer and chef with an international following. He creates every aspect of his music himself from concept to final product. He has gained major recognition with a prolific plethora of solid self released projects.

Marble And Granite‘ is a gargantuan collaboration between Jugz and Jazz T. The sound is two mountains colliding with the classic Hip-Hop ethos and a modern flyness. The core of the track is sculpting beautiful art from the hardest materials, starting from scratch with raw talent, never stopping, constantly honing your craft to create a solid lasting legacy.

Available on 7″ vinyl with full colour artwork by Jugz and digital via Boot Records

Release date: 18th June 2021


Boot Records

Juga-Naut And Jazz T - Marble And Granite

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