Kemetstry - Kemez The Atlantean

Kemetstry‘s “Kemez The Atlantean” EP is the new long awaited project from the West Yorkshire MC. With track production from producers in the UK, USA, China and Australia. The release features Leeds MC / producer Jack Danz and also a hidden bonus track which features some of Huddersfield’s best MCs.

You can now listen to snippets of each track from the EP below.

You can pre-order the physical CD copy here:

Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Blend
Artwork by: Dee

0.00 sec No Respect No Manners, Produced by J Brav
0.23 sec Astral Plane, Produced by Thugs Bunny
0.37 sec High Vibrations, Produced by Alchemy
0.58 sec Kiss The Sky, Produced by Thugs Bunny
1.39 sec Laws of Attr-action, Produced by Thugs Bunny
2.03 sec OG Spirit, ft. Jack Danz Produced by Fumes The Threat
2.27 sec King Kemez, Produced by Sepnutz
2.47 sec Biggie Bang, Produced by Jack Danz
3.00 sec The Cipher pt2 “Raw mix bonus track”, ft. Eskar, Micky Swgs, Joshi Da Ghost and The Scriptors Produced by Natural Doc


Kemetstry - Kemez The Atlantean

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