Kev Munday - Making It Up As I Go Along Solo Exhibition

After a veritable string of successful group shows, which in 2009 alone saw him exhibit work in Barcelona, Berlin, New York, Philadelphia and Tokyo; Kev is proud to present his first solo UK show at 37 Earlham Street, London.

The title of the show reflects Kevs punk sensibilities, DIY ethic and philosophy of creating without a preconceived idea of the direction his art will take. This stems from Kevs interest in the process of creating a piece, which he believes to be as important as the final composition. This motif of the journey being as important as the destination is echoed in Kevs approach to the art world as a whole.

Making It Up As I Go Along opens on November 20th and runs untill the end of the year, featuring new original paintings, drawings, prints, product collaborations and commissions from Disney, Fracture and Fabric, as well as an installation of Kevs hand painted bowling pins.

37 Earlham Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9LD

Kev Munday - Making It Up As I Go Along Solo Exhibition

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