The Good Samaritan Music Project

Following in the traditions of ATCQ, Boogie Down Productions, the Roots and Public Enemy comes a new hiphop classic. Nothing but quotables here as ‘The Teacher’ himself, hiphop legend KRS-ONE trades verses alongside UK luminaries Skinnyman (Mudfam), MCD (silent eclipse), and Paradise (57 Dynasty/ TGSMP).

KRS-ONE, Skinnyman, Paradise & MCD - U Must LearnHead-nod factor peaks at 10 with this Charlie Parker (The Baptist) produced 12" complete with live horns, piano driven loop and a scratch chorus which makes for a CLASSIC reminiscent throw back to the days of TRUE SCHOOL HIPHOP. 25/03/2006 saw a simultaneous release as world renown DJ Cash Money premiered U Must Learn to a highly ampted crowd at Ministry Of Sound, London, while in the studios of Choice FM, DJ 279 gave the record it’s first on air spin. The take over is imminent.

The Good Samaritan Music Project: is a musical initiative to raise awareness and bring relevant issues to the forefront of young people’s minds via edu-tainment (educating & entertaining). TGSMP utilizes the essences of Hiphop, R&B, Contemporary Jazz, Poetry, UK-Garage/Grime, Reggae/Ragga and G-hop to relate and deliver moral, social, and ethical value messages that are all but void in today’s popular music streams.

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