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Holocaust Survivor, MOBO award winner and Anti-fascists urge people to register to vote to stop the BNP. A coalition of Black, Jewish, LGBT groups, trade unionists and community leaders is calling on people to register to vote by March 13 as a first step to stopping the BNP getting elected during the Local council elections on May 4th.

The Unite Against Fascism Campaign has brought together people from all walks of life and from across the political spectrum, including holocaust survivors and rising pop stars, to demonstrate that everyone has a role to play in defeating the BNP. There are 3.5 Million people in Britain who could vote but are not registered. 

Henry Guterman MBE, Refugee from the Holocaust said:
"Having lost many members of my family in the Holocaust, I do not want to see a repetition of the Nazi’s systematic annihilation of many communities, including the Jewish, Black, Lesbian and Gay people and all those who spoke up against their evil policies. That is why I am determined to fight the BNP who are trying to copy Hitler’s method of coming to power. Please follow me by using your democratic right to vote, as a small turn out favours the Fascist parties. Make sure that you register to vote by the 13th of March."

Lethal Bizzle, MOBO award winning Grime MC said:
"Make sure you go and use your vote when  the election comes up, votes are so powerful you don’t even know what it can do….use your vote and make a difference in your area"

Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of Unite Against Fascism said:
"In last year’s general election the BNP polled the biggest vote for a fascist party in British history. They will seek to consolidate this electorally this year in the local council elections. Where they gain seats, racist attacks increase.  In areas where the majority of people turned out and voted, the BNP were driven back. Voter registration is the first necessary step in stopping the BNP gaining ground. We urge people to register by March 13."

To hear Lethal Bizzle’s message in full visit

To view UAF’s National Leaflet on the forthcoming council elections visit

UAF will be holding Days of Action in key areas around the UK on Saturday 25 March – contact us for details.

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