Monday February 13th 2006 sees the release of Life’s second solo album ‘Realities Of Life’. 13 tracks deep plus a host of skits, Life is back again with razor sharp lyrics and hard hitting beats!
“The first album (Everyday Life) was about straight battle lyrics to introduce me as a solo artist – but ‘Realities…’ has more of a reflective outlook to it “ says Life. Having always displayed a conscious viewpoint in his music, ‘Realities…’ was a logical progression, taking in subject that have a direct influence on 21st century life in the UK, such as domestic violence, drug abuse and the war in Iraq.

Life - Realities Of Life LP [Zebra Traffic]Production comes in the main from long time PLC partner and good friend DJ Nappa, who is joined by long time PLC collaborator and ex-scratch pervert Mr. Thing, a ridiculously skilled DJ and well respected producer in his own right, here pitching with 4 tracks and all of the cuts.

Look out for the first single ‘Come On’ already getting love on 1xtra…

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