Lil Flip and Mr Capone-e - Conected

Two of the hardest hustlas’ in the rap game get Connected. A new project with a release date of November 14 features Houston’s "Freestyle King" Lil’ Flip and the West Coast’s "Hustle King", Mr. Capone-e. The two combine their flow to create a raw, hard-hitting 21-track reflection of their worlds entitled Connected.

Always having an ear to the street, Lil Flip teams up with Mr. Capone-e. Mr. Capone-e has had a string of Billboard successes on High Power / B-Dub Records that include collaborations’ and full CD’s with Twista, (whose single "Don’t get it Twisted" is currently getting power rotation nationwide), Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Zapp, Mr. Criminal and of course, Mr. Capone-e’s own solo releases.

Lil Flip and Mr Capone-e - Conected
01. Where I Stay
02. On Da Block – (with Lil’ Flip)
03. Hustle For Something
04. Who Runs This – (with Lil’ Flip)
05. King Of Da Streets
06. Gangster Trippen – (with Mr. Capone-E)
07. What You Know Bout The South – (with Lil’ Flip)
08. Gangster Paradise – (with Mr. Capone-E)
09. Name Out Yo Mouth – (with Lil’ Flip)
10. Still The King (Skit) – (with Lil’ Flip)
11. Ride With A Gangsta – (with Lil’ Flip)
12. Of A Soldier – (with Mr. Capone-E)
13. In H-Town – (with Lil’ Flip)
14. Skit
15. You Know My Name – (with Mr. Capone-E)
16. Flat Out – (with Lil’ Flip)
17. Show Tonite – (with Lil’ Flip)
18. Get This Money – (with Lil’ Flip)
19. Riden Dirty – (with Lil’ Flip)
20. Hi Power Mega-Mixx
21. Outro

Lil’ Flip recognized the underground hustle of a man moving over a million plus units with no major label promo machine behind him and wanted in. Capone-e’s High Power label is distributed through indie power-house B-Dub / Thump Records / Universal Music Distribution and maintains a loyal stronghold among latin youth. Many indicators are pointing to emerging Latin market as an important factor in urban radio and strong record sales. Thump has been an industry leader in the Latin/Hip-Hop market since it’s inception as a partner of Low Rider Magazine over 20 years ago.

Their lead off single is a radio ready banger entitled "Kings of the Street"

There is no denying the street tenacity of Lil’ Flip and Mr. Capone. There is also no denying the sales pull of these 2 heavyweights. Connected will have America fiendin’ for a piece of Lil’ Flip and Mr. Capone -e.

The Release date is set for November 14th, 2006 Nationwide – Get Connected!

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