Love Music Hate Racism / Nut / NME CD For Schools

Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) this week launch their biggest initiative to date – a 29-track double CD compilation featuring some of the country's biggest acts (see full tracklisting and artist quotes on the LMHR website). Disc One of the CD appears on the front of the NME music magazine, in shops from last Tuesday in London and from yesterday Wednesday 17th in the rest of the UK. Disc Two can be downloaded for free.

LMHR & NME – with the support of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) – have also produced half a million empty CD sleeves to be distributed in schools, colleges, workplaces and gig venues across the UK over the next three months. The sleeves will enable people to burn their own copies of the double CD by downloading all the tracks for free from a specially-designed NME / LMHR website – along with anti-fascist leaflets and posters, artist video interviews live footage from LMHR gigs and much more.

The CD idea came about following the fascist British National Party (BNP) attempts to recruit school students with their racist poison and amid reports from Channel 4 among others of a significant rise in racist attacks and abuse inside schools. The CD has huge potential in taking the LMHR message to a huge audience, getting many new people involved in the campaign to stop the fascist BNP from dividing our communities and schools ahead of next year's local council and London Assembly elections – but only with YOUR help.

Ordering CD Sleeves:

Schools, colleges, universities and workplaces are urged to order bulk copies of the CD sleeves.

You can order any quantity of CD sleeves (minimum 68 – the amount in one box!) by emailing us: Please put 'CD sleeves' somewhere in the subject line! The sleeves are free to student unions, courtesy of the NUS, but we are asking schools and trade union branches for a voluntary contribution of 10p per sleeve ordered to cover postage and admin costs.

Please make cheques payable to 'Love Music Hate Racism'. You can also pay for CDs or donate online to LMHR at or

Posters, flyers and leaflets advertising the CD are available from the LMHR website, including special ones for schools, colleges, universities, and trade union branches:

Look out for CD launch events (keep checking – or why not stage your own).

Also don't forget you can now become a member of LMHR – for a limited time only membership includes a great free t-shirt! (see

Love Music Hate Racism / Nut / NME CD For Schools

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