Marxism 2008 - A Festival Of Resistance

If, like many hip hop heads, you feel passionate about the wide range of issues facing our society today. Marxism 2008 will be an opportunity for you to express your views, learn more about the topics that concern you, meet individuals who believe in positive action and witness some damn good music, including man of the moment – Bashy.

Marxism 2008 is a unity of minds leading to unity of chance, Leading activists, theorists, trade unionists, writers and campaigners from around the world will be expressing their support and reasoning for equality in the world as a whole. The names are too many to list but a taste of who you can expect includes: Tony Benn (Stop The War Coalition), Paul Gilroy (author – “There ain’t no black in the union jack”), David Hilliard (Black Panther party), Moazzum Begg (falsely convicted ex-Guatanamo prisoner).

Plus you can catch talks such as…

  • How will Palestine Be Free?
  • Women’s Account Of War and Resistance
  • Capitalism and Crime
  • The roots of LGBT oppression
  • What do we do about gun and knife crime?
  • 40 years since the women’s liberation movement, how far have we come?
  • How do we stop the BNP?
  • The politics of Islamism today
  • The Olympics in London
  • Can ordinary people change the world?
  • What’s the market doing to our education system?

On top of the talks, music, poetry and art displays is “Theatre Of Resistance”, including a Rikki Beadle Blair play “Bashment” which is a witty take on reactions to homophobia within hip hop.

BashyThe festival runs from 3rd – 7th of July with the “Cultures Of Resistance” gig providing a incredible conclusion on the Monday night. A versatile mix of some of the best rebel music since 1987 to now will reiterate the concepts of diversity and equality the festival holds so highly. The gig is only £5 for Marxism ticket holders and boasts the like of:

  • Bashy – Genre defying MC and revolutionist of the moment
  • Jery Dammers – legendary founder of ‘The Specials’ funking out radical reggae and soul.
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson – the world first dub poet
  • The Neville Staple Band – the former Specials lead singer with his new Ska crew.
  • Michael Rosen – poetic comedian

Marxism 2008 will be based in 6 main areas in central London, well within walking distance of tube stations Russell Square, Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, Euston and Euston Square. Facilities include free “crash pad” accommodation and special travel deals for those travelling from out of London, plus a free crèche and prayer room when you get there. So there’s really no good excuse to continue doing all the pointless crap you might otherwise waste your time and not come down to show your support for anti-facism.

As hip hop strives for a conscience unity of soul, the hip hop community needs to keep its eyes open and its sneakers spread over as many floors as possible. What some people often forget is that although the original Zulu nation lifestyle practised “Peace, unity and having fun”; when hip hop lost its way, Bambaataa added a fifth element – “knowledge”. He talked about having “right knowledge, right wisdom, right overstanding and right sound reasoning”.

To think of it logically, if you want to have fun, you need peace, you need unity and to work towards them, you’re gonna need knowledge. Marxism 2008 is so reasonably priced, easily accessible, readily awaiting your individual opinions. You would probably agree that there are few more worthwhile things you could spend your money on.

It doesn’t just hint, it damn well guarantees itself to be the most influential part of your summer.

Tickets are more expensive and harder to get on the door so get booking now now now!

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