Motion Man Releases Sophomore Album With Kutmasta Kurt

Coming out of NorCal, Motion Man is also trying to beat the heat with the upcoming release of his second solo album, Pablito’s Way. After nearly two decades of being a guest emcee on countless other artists’ releases, Motion Man has finally decided to bless us with another solo album.

The album is full of Motion Man’s signature comical overtones and varying rapping styles. He has once again teamed up with wax-scratching / producing superhero Kutmasta Kurt and you can’t help but imagine them cracking up and having a great time making this album. Listening to this album, their chemistry becomes obvious.

Here are some audio streams to suit your fancy. The first is a festive little ditty (and also the title track) called "Pablito’s Way" and for those who want to see a different side of Motion, you can check out the second audio stream, "Professional Experts" featuring Kool Keith. Videos will be coming soon. So crack open a nice, tall, cold one with me and let Motion ease you through the heat wave.

  • Pablito’s Way: high | low
  • Professional Experts featuring Kool Keith: high | low

Motion Man Releases Sophomore Album With Kutmasta Kurt

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