Mr Midas Exclusive T-shirt Range For Want Respect?
Mr Midas, who rose to fame in T4’s popular Sunday morning show Musicool, has collaborated with Want Respect? Use a Condom to personally design 200 limited edition T-shirts to help promote safe sex. This exclusive run, tagged with the Want Respect? logo will be available for a limited time only from

The Want Respect? Use a Condom T-shirts have been produced to promote self respect, respect in a relationship and encourage young people to practice safe sex by using condoms and protect themselves against STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

Award winning artist, Mr Midas, has designed T-shirts for men and women featuring his trademark ‘MR’ design on the front in red and pink shades, as well as the Want Respect? Use a Condom logo on the sleeve and neck.

He says: “I work alongside Want Respect? Use a Condom to encourage the use of condoms and safe sex. I feel many young people are misinformed about sex and listen to their friends and peers rather than the experts. Image is very important within our society, especially with young people and these T-shirts will be used to make a statement to say ‘I respect myself and practice safe sex’”.

By designing T-shirts for Want Respect? Use a Condom Mr Midas hopes to encourage young people to take control of their sexual health and raise aspirations and empower young people to make positive choices in their lives.

For your chance to get your hands on one of just 100 exclusive T-shirts, worn by Mr Midas himself, visit

To find out more about Want Respect? Use a Condom please visit: For more information on condoms, sexual health, how to protect yourself from STIs and to find your nearest GUM Clinic visit or call the free and confidential Sexual Health helpline 0800 567 123. Textphone (for people with hearing difficulties) 0800 521 361.

Mr Midas

Mr Midas – This Modern day Dancehall act is best known for his appearance in T4’s popular Sunday morning show Musicool. Winner of ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2007 Kickers Urban Music Awards and having the number one most downloaded Podcast from Choice FM website with over one hundred thousand downloads Mr Midas has exceeded all expectations.

Mr Midas first official release was ‘GOLDTOUCH The Compilation Album’ featuring Madness UK, J Imperial, Redzy and Eman acts that he was developing as part of his label. Mr Midas is currently promoting his debut solo album, ‘It Only Takes 1Moment’ which is an energetic, vibrant journey where Mr Midas brings his fusion sound across dancehall, hip hop, grime, pop and rock. The debut single taken from this project, ‘Wile Out’ featuring Blemish and produced by Sovereign, has been heavily promoted across Radio 1Xtra and Choice FM. Wile Out has been available for digital download on iTunes, CD Baby, Napster and more. This track is on regular rotation on Channel U, and has been featured on T4.

Want Respect? Use a Condom is a national communications campaign aimed at 16-18 year olds most ‘at risk’ of teenage pregnancies or catching STIs. The campaign aims to raise aspirations and empower young people to make positive choices about their lives and sexual health, essentially by making condom use integral to the social status of individuals within a group. The campaign therefore harnesses the currency of ‘respect’ – respecting yourself and others – and is based on one key message: ‘Want Respect? Use a Condom’. This campaign forms part of the overall strategy to reduce teenage pregnancy and STI rates in England.

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