Seeed Link With Kano And Sian Supa Crew
Seeed’s latest video ‘Slowlife’ featuring UK rapper / grime artist Kano has been constrained to late night plays by MTV due to ‘images of swearing, drug usage and sexual references’.

The group, who’s main members are half African, half German, sell out stadium sized venues in Europe yet have only reached a cult following in the UK, which is the group have hinted at being down to prejudice against their African origins and German upbringing.

The video’s restriction, which mostly features footage of the band on tour in Europe and appearing at Glastonbury, has come as a surprise to the record label Four Music who have described the band as conscious and peaceful. Guest on the record is Kano, a forerunner of the UK Grime scene which has been at the centre of much controversy recently over incidents involving guns and knives.

However Kano's press people would like to state, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, that Kano in no way promotes violence, and has never been involved with either guns or knives.

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