Napalm Recordings presents: Rice & Beanz

Dom Pachino will be releasing his first official album  titled "Rice & Beanz" soon and he is the first Killarmy member to go solo. Dom Pachino has released 12 independent projects under Napalm Recordings after his major releases with Killarmy which were Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, Dirty Weaponry, And Flair, Love & War.

Pachino was also featured on gold albums such as RZA as Bobby Digital and  the Swarm Compilation. In 2002 Pachino established an independent record company called Napalm Recordings, where he released its first project Tera Iz Him which sold 20,000 copies, followed by a stream of various projects, DVD’s and compilations.

Napalm Recordings presents: Rice & BeanzNow Dom Pachino unravels what is his best work to date slated to be release first quarter of 2007 "Rice & Beanz" executive produced by Dom Pachino.

Rice & Beanz: New Single Previews:

Coming Soon – Gunz An Glory: A Soldier Story, to be released on Napalm Recording this winter.

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