New Buttercuts Website

Buttercuts are overhauling their presence in cyberspace, with a electronic facelift and a binary boob job. Their resident nerd has been busy slicing away the fatty html deposits to create a sleek and slender new website.

Due to the nature of the new home they ask you to submit your email address once again to the mailing list so that you can continue to receive invaluable Buttercuts loving.

New Buttercuts WebsiteFor the few seconds it takes you to sign up at the fancy new site, you will be greatly rewarded with 3 EXCLUSIVE AND PREVIOUS UNRELEASED free MP3 downloads.

The first of many – BUTTERCUTS RECORDS EXCLUSIVE EP 1 – features tracks by artists fbcfabric & reindeer, Dr. Octagon and Joe Driscoll… Never before

Not only can you sign up for the Buttercuts Newsletter containing info on gigs, parties, releases and giveaways, but you can also sign up for any individual Buttercuts artists’ mailing list for even more info on special events and releases as well as a free unreleased song every now and then. All of this straight to your email.

Once you are signed up, you will be able to download the ep from the
download section of the site.

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