Operation Blunt, An Anti-Knife Campaign

The Metropolitan Police have created an innovative online video and game to encourage the opinion that carrying a knife is not a good look. The video features a teenager dressed in ridiculous clothes, being dismissed by his peers. To begin with we can’t see why, until it becomes clear that the reason he looks so ridiculous is because he carries a knife.

The game allows you to take the lead character from the video and create a series of obstacles and accidents to make him look even more ridiculous.
Go to www.notagoodlook.org to view it.

An MPS spokesperson said, “Our experience is that young people carry knives for a number of reasons including a misguided sense of kudos or self-protection, or in order to commit offences. We are always looking for new ways of engaging with young people and this time we wanted to challenge any sense of “kudos” that can be associated with carrying a knife. This is just one part of a large programme of initiatives with partners from the private, public and voluntary sector to make our young people safer. Those engaged in serious violence will end up damaging their lives either tragically, or by being arrested and having to deal with a criminal record. We will not tolerate offending which blights the lives of our young people”.
The Violent Crime Reduction Act

The Violent Crime Reduction Act took effect in 2007. It states that:
• it is an offence to use someone to hold a weapon
• the maximum sentence for carrying a knife has increased from 2 years to 4 years. If you injure someone or use a knife to commit a crime the penalties could be far worse
• there has been an increase to the minimum age to buy a knife from 16 – 18
• new powers have been made available to members of staff in schools and further education to search pupils

The Consequences Of Being Involved With Illegal Knives

• You could get a criminal record – which may prevent you from getting the job you want or going to college.
• You could get a criminal record – which may prevent you from going abroad e.g. you might not be able to get a visa to the USA.
• Maximum prison sentence for possession of a knife is 4 years. If it's been used to commit a crime, the penalties could be far worse.
• If you carry a knife you could seriously harm someone, even if you don't mean to – or you could end up getting hurt yourself, not to mention the hurt caused to loved ones (family and friends).


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