Oxford Circus Bombed - Grenfell

DDS and ATG have this Christmas hit Oxford Circus Underground station and put up a few pieces as well as some political messages. There will always be some knockers, but there does need to be a continuance of this artform and ability to rebel.

The messages predominantly relate to the lack of remedy for the Grenfell disaster which took place in 2017! And call out MPs for action.

“Oi!! Muppets. What if it was your “houses” that burnt down!!! All power to the people”, with the letters M P and S circled to refer to members of Parliament.

Christmas Day (night) has always been popular with graffiti artists in London, they know there is no trains running and all electricity is turned off from the rails. As well as this security will be manned with a skeleton crew. Making this the safest time to bomb.

One interesting comment highlighted the lack of security and pointed out, “Lucky it was graffiti vandals and not some nut planting a bomb“.

Oxford Circus Bombed - Aset
Oxford Circus Bombed - DDS
Oxford Circus Bombed - RIP Oxford Circus
Oxford Circus Bombed - Sasquatch
Oxford Circus Bombed - Diabolical
Oxford Circus Bombed - Dub Stars


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