Peter Doherty Live at The Rhythm Factory Saturday 16th May

Many of you reading this know the Rhythm Factory from the End of the Weak nights. This usually means that the likes of Sonny Jim, Stig of the Dump and Kyza Smirnoff are taking over the stage. The upcoming night, although on an entirely different level, is bound to impress anyone with any decent taste in music.

The Rhythm Factory is immensely proud to announce a special gig by the venue’s favourite son Peter Doherty. Just 24hrs after he plays at the Rhythm Factory’s tribute to his old friend Jonny Sedassy, Peter will be performing again at the venue at his own headline appearance ably supported by Melody Nelson, Liam Bailey, Will Miles, Arrows Of Love and Bethia Beadman.

I do know that the Rhythm Factory helped the Libertines to make their break by holding some of the early gigs and giving some well-deserved exposure.

Peter Docherty

If the last Peter Doherty gig I went to is anything to go by… it will be packed to the rafters with hardcore fans battling to get a glimpse of the action on stage. So, make sure you buy your tickets as soon as you can. I haven’t been to a gig yet that hasn’t sold out.

Tickets are £20 in advance from or direct from the Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1EW, 02073753774.

By: Kris Drew

Peter Docherty

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