Pounds Sterling

His name is Pounds Sterling. He is from South London & has been in the making for the past 8 years. His style is raw, humorous at times & very well articulated. His content draws on his real life experiences & the many challenges he has faced as opposed to making up stories like many of his peers.

He is one of many artists on the newly established Flawless independent record label. His debut single ‘For My Dogs’ is an underground banger with a club feel. Pounds’ flagrant yet ferocious delivery and the infectious basslines lead to this being a real cutting edge street anthem. It has received positive feedback from the underground & from Channel U, where the video is currently being aired.

Pounds SterlingHis new single ‘So Real’ is a far more personal and heartfelt track on which he talks deeply about a chapter of his life. The soulful backing track enhances the vibe of the tune & is due for release in Feb. 2006 with the album ‘Money Before Music’ following in June 2006.

Take a look at the website http://www.beatrobbery.co.uk for a sample of his material & the video for ‘For My Dogs’.

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