Calling All Serious Artists in Music, Fashion, Beauty & Media! Fast-track Yourself to The Next Level! Urban Voice UK, the respected music organisation that offers expert training and showcase platforms for new talent, has partnered with leading creative organisations to deliver a new, multi-faceted programme called Project Talent UK.

Project Talent UK will feature fashion, hair and beauty, media, music production and vocal artistry. The new partners include:

  • Music World Entertainment International – management & record companies
  • Salon Strategies –hair salon consultancy offering business development advice
  • Kulture 2 Couture – fashion organisation supporting and profiling black designers
  • BFM – media and events company focuses on black film and entertainment
  • The Q Entertainment  – music production company

Launching this April, Project Talent UK will provide an opportunity for raw, creative talent from a range of disciplines to work together with music as the backdrop. Music doesn’t happen in a vacuum and this campaign will train, showcase and celebrate talent from all the areas that make music successful whether it’s styling, video or production.

The Urban Voice strand will continue its successful music programme that’s now in its ninth year with over 5000 musicians aged 16+ expected to participate. Anyone can enter by registering on the website, which will direct them to open auditions in one of six regions: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Nottingham. A reduced number will go through to regional heats from where sixteen artists will be chosen to perform at a showcase event in their area. Everyone will receive advice and direction ensuring that no-one loses out.

The best performers from each region will be sent on a workshop session in London where they’ll receive one-on-one training from a range of experts. From there, twelve artists will be chosen to take part in a two week residential programme of masterclasses on subjects like:

  • Music production
  • Fashion styling
  • Hair and beauty
  • Business enterprise
  • Media
  • Photography

It’s at this stage that all creative strands come together. Winning participants from music production, fashion, hair & beauty and media will be put into teams with the vocal artists and come together to create a real-life working scenario which will take the artists through making a record in the studio, to a photo shoot and then a music video. This process will be mentored key high profile industry professionals.

Urban VoiceA final event showcase event, taking place in London this September, will feature all twelve performers, freshly styled and newly polished to their full potential. They will perform in front of a panel of judges as well as a massive audience of 1000 members of the public and the media. The judging panel will distribute a range of prizes including:

  • Cash investment for the musical development to the most successful artists
  • A digital single record deal
  • Production deal with top UK & US producers
  • £1000s worth of music making equipment
  • Appear on the Urban Voice Album

By: Michelle Adabra

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