Public Enemy

There is a new Public Enemy album set to invade our shores in December! Aptly titled, ‘New Whirl Odor‘, Public Enemy are back with the beats and the agenda that matters. Chuck D, Professor Griff and Flavor Flav are united again with a common cause. As America goes to hell in a bucket and bling culture spirals out of control, Public Enemy have never been more relevant. The album is top notch and the immediate fury of the title track and the first single, ‘Bring That Beat Back’ will rock the world on its axis. This is just the start of the coverage to come…Believe the hype!.

Public Enemy - New Whirl OdorCD tracks: And No One Broadcast Louder / New Whirl Odor / Bring That Beat Back / 66.6 Strikes Again / MKLVFKWR / What A Fool Believes / Makes You Blind / Preachin’ To The Quiet / Either We Together Or We Ain’t (S1W Stepstrumental) / Revolution / Check What You’re Listening To / As Long As The People Got Something To Say / Y’All Don’t Know / Either You Get It By Now Or You Don’t / Superman’s Black In The Building.

DVD: includes four music videos (Bring That Beat Back / Revolution / Superman’s Black In The Building / The Hot 1 – Flavor Flav solo), three documentaries (making New Whirl Odor / brief history of Slamjamz / Revolverlution Europe tour 2003) plus additional commentaries, biographies, discography and lyrics.

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